Grasp Stability Assessment through Unsupervised Feature Learning of Tactile Images

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29 May-3 June 2017


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Grasping tasks have always been challenging for robots, despite recent innovations in vision-based algorithms and object-specific training. If robots are to match human abilities and learn to pick up never-before-seen objects, they must combine vision with tactile sensing. This paper present a novel way to improve robotic grasping: by using tactile sensors and an unsupervised feature-learning approach, a robot can find the common denominators behind successful and failed grasps, and use this knowledge to predict whether a grasp attempt will succeed or fail. This method is promising as it uses only high-level features from two tactile sensors to evaluate grasp quality, and works for the training set as well as for new objects. In total, using a total of 54 different objects, our system recognized grasp failure 83.70% of time.